Why sell with Amazon?

Explore the advantages and helpful considerations for sellers.
29th Mar, 2023

Is it worth selling in the Amazon Australia store?

Amazon Australia is a fantastic place for sellers of every size to showcase their products. At any time of the day there could be shoppers searching for the latest video game, a new footy, pet supplies or the perfect gift. They could be finding your products.

If you’re looking for a simple, supportive and flexible way to sell online, Amazon Australia could well be the place for you. But why is this the case?

Advantages of selling on Amazon

There are a number of distinct benefits of selling with Amazon Australia, from our built-in marketing tools to comprehensive support for sellers. Here are six great reasons you might choose to sell in our Aussie store.

1. Get started easily

While you can certainly choose to build your own website while you sell on Amazon, you won’t need one to start selling. Amazon makes it simple to provide a smooth purchasing journey and secure payment methods for your buyers. Your Seller Central account makes it easy to list products, update inventory, assess sales performance and find comprehensive selling resources.

And because this is all ready to go right now, you could start selling as soon as you like.

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2. Sell with a familiar name

Would you be more likely to buy from an unknown store – or one you already know and trust? Sellers on Amazon have the advantage of selling with a global brand that’s widely recognised. Shoppers have come to expect quality products, reliable delivery and great customer service, and customer reviews on Amazon can add credibility and confidence when making a purchase. So even if you’re a small business, you can enjoy the benefits of a bigger brand.

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3. Reach millions of potential customers

Millions of customers around the world shop on Amazon. That means there’s a great chance that there are shoppers actively searching for the products you’re offering, or engaging with similar products. With such an extensive customer base, there’s no need to start from scratch attracting customers to a quiet corner of the internet. Instead, you could focus on boosting your visibility and getting those product listings in front of active shoppers.

4. Access innovative selling tools

As an Amazon seller you can choose to take advantage of a variety of unique selling tools and resources. You can choose to fulfil orders yourself, or to use the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service to have Amazon store, pack and ship orders for you. Perhaps you prefer to use a mix of fulfilment options to suit your business.

You could choose to register with Brand Registry to protect your private brand, then build a customised online storefront with enhanced brand and product content. And you could choose to deploy advertising campaigns and promotions to help increase conversions. There are many tools and resources for growing your online business.

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5. Sell worldwide

With fulfilment centres and stores around the globe, Amazon offers a unique opportunity and network to sell worldwide. Perhaps you’d like to expand your reach to North America, Asia or Europe and find new customers. Amazon’s established fulfilment network makes it possible to deliver reliably to your customers, wherever they happen to be located.

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6. Find seller support a click away

Have questions about which products to sell, or how to get started? You’re never far away from helpful seller support with Amazon Australia. Seller University provides a great place to begin. Meanwhile if you’re after something more specific, you can explore other resources including Seller Help topics and Seller Forums.

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Things to consider before selling on Amazon

So is it the right choice for you? If you’re asking yourself ‘should I sell on Amazon?’, it can help to consider a few practical elements.

7. Seller fees

Amazon Australia can offer an affordable way to try out products without necessarily needing to build a physical store, or build a huge storage warehouse. There are some costs to selling on Amazon, so it’s good to familiarise yourself with these when setting out.
When working out if it is profitable to sell on Amazon, factor in these selling fees, FBA fees and other costs that could help you maximise your sales.

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8. Selling in a competitive world

The fact that there are so many shoppers looking on Amazon can mean that there’s competition for the products you’re offering. When asking ‘is Amazon worth selling on?’, think about how you can differentiate your products – be it through price, superior quality or distinctive product characteristics.

9. Product requirements

A breathtaking range of products can be sold on Amazon Australia, but there are also a few product and category restrictions to be mindful of. Brush up on Amazon’s product categories, and you’ll be better equipped to source or create products that are safe and permitted to be listed.

10. Keeping optimal inventory

Part of providing great customer service on Amazon is ensuring you have enough stock to keep shoppers happy! Consider times where your products might be in greater demand, and ensure you can source or produce an adequate supply of products. A well-managed inventory can help you deliver satisfaction to more shoppers, and ultimately grow your sales.

Pros and cons: making your choice

At the end of the day, Amazon Australia offers a number of unique benefits and tools that can help you sell your products and scale your business. You could sell your products exclusively on Amazon or in a variety of places. You could start by selling just a few items, or launch straight into a future as a full-time online entrepreneur. However you plan to sell, we’re here to help!
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