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With Amazon SEND you can ship eligible air cargo from China directly to Amazon fulfilment centres in Australia.
$49.95 (excl. GST) per month.
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Why Amazon SEND?

By using this service, you will contract with an external third party, being a partnered carrier, to help with your international inbounding needs. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle end-to-end shipping from customs clearances to delivery to the Amazon fulfilment centre. For more information, see Amazon SEND Program Terms.

Amazon SEND offers competitive shipping rates, the convenience of adding your shipping and customs information to the Send To Amazon Workflow, automated tracking and shipping label printing.

This service is available for sellers that use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Multi-Channel Fulfilment wishing to send small parcel deliveries from eligible locations in China to Amazon fulfilment centres in Australia using the Send to Amazon workflow.

The Amazon SEND carrier will either pickup your shipment or, you can deliver it to a nominated drop off point, and it will be delivered to the designated Amazon fulfilment centre where your products will be stored until we pick, pack and ship them to fulfil a customer order.

Amazon SEND: How does it work?

From your manufacturer or warehouse in China
Carrier pick up or drop off within China
Export customs clearance in China
Air express from China to Australia
Australian Import customs declarations
Delivery to a FBA fulfilment centre in Australia

What are the benefits of Amazon SEND?

Leverage air shipments directly from China to Australia for quick replenishments and exploring new markets by shipping in small quantities.
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Competitive shipping rates

You will receive competitive shipping rates when you send your inventory from an eligible pickup location in China to an Australian Amazon fulfilment centre
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Seamless integration

Book your shipment, enter customs information and schedule pickup or drop off with the carrier while creating your FBA shipment
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Door to door pickup and delivery

Once you create your shipment you can drop it to a nominated collection point or, the carrier will pickup your shipment according to the pickup schedule and deliver it to the Australian fulfilment centre, helping to reduce inbound friction or delays

Competitive speeds

Your shipments will be promptly delivered to nominated fulfilment centre which may help make your inventory available to customers faster than other carriers
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No minimum commitment

Use the service on a per-shipment basis

Get started with Amazon SEND

Step 1

Enter an agreement with the Amazon SEND carrier

Before creating your first Amazon SEND shipment you will need to enter an agreement with JiuFang (the SEND carrier). You can contact the carrier directly via: Wechat (ID 13823679684), mobile (4007755801) or email (
Step 2

Confirm the inventory you want to send

Enter your “ship from” address, products, box dimensions and weight in Step 1 of the Send To Amazon workflow.
Step 3

Select the Amazon SEND carrier (JiuFang)

Select the Amazon SEND carrier, ‘Air Express’ as the shipping mode and provide shipping party and shipment details
Step 4

Book and track your shipment

Confirm the booking and track your shipment to the fulfilment centre in Seller Central. The Amazon SEND carrier will reach out to confirm your shipment and fees, and arrange payment offline.
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Download the Seller Guides to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Amazon manage payments to the carrier on my behalf?
No, Amazon SEND is provided by a third party carrier meaning you are required to enter a contract directly with an external carrier and manage payments with them directly offline.
Who manages the customs process?
The SEND partnered carrier will do the customs clearance at both origin and destination on the seller’s behalf, based on the information provided by the seller in the shipping documents. If customs duty is charged on the shipment by destination Customs, the partnered carrier will pay the customs duty, and the same will be charged to the seller by the partnered carrier.

If the carrier receives any questions regarding the shipment from Chinese or Australian Customs, the carrier will reach out to the seller directly for additional information.
What if my shipment contains dangerous goods (also called hazardous materials or hazmat)?
Dangerous goods are prohibited from being shipped using the Amazon SEND program, so you will need to send any shipment that contains dangerous goods with your own carrier. For more information, see Examples of products that may be regulated as dangerous goods.
How is the shipping cost estimated on Seller Central?
Estimated shipping costs will be displayed on Seller Central based on the shipment packing information you provide (box weights and dimensions), product category and the billable weight, along with the rate cards provided by the partnered carrier.

You are responsible for providing accurate shipment information and for the actual cost of the shipment. Providing inaccurate information may result in additional charges imposed by the carrier or your ineligibility to continue using the service. The estimated shipping cost does not include value -added services or surcharges.
What are the maximum weight and dimensions supported by the partnered carrier?
The following limitations apply:
• Maximum weight per package is 23 kg
• Maximum package size should not exceed 116 x 116 x 102 cm
Does the partnered carrier impose a minimum charge?
The partnered carrier imposes a 5kg minimum fee for Amazon SEND shipments. The minimum fee will be imposed by the partnered carrier for any shipments that weigh less than 5kg (max between gross weight and cubic weight (Height*Width*Length/6000). Please contact the partnered carrier if you have any questions about the minimum charge.

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