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$49.95 (excl. GST) per month + selling fees.
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What is FBS?

You sell it, you ship it. By choosing Fulfilment by Seller (FBS), this means you store and ship products directly to customers yourself. You choose the shipping option and rate for each of your products and handle packaging, shipping, returns and customer service.

Getting Started With FBS

Once you’ve signed up to sell on Amazon, you’ll be able to start listing products to be fulfilled through FBS. Here’s the step by step process to getting started.

Steps to start selling on Amazon and shipping products yourself:

Step 1

Set up your Amazon account
If you’re completely new to selling on Amazon, the first step is to register as a seller. If you’re already registered as a Seller on Amazon, simply login to Seller Central.

Step 2

Create your product listings
Once you add your products to the Amazon catalogue, go to Manage Inventory in Seller Central to update available quantities..

Step 3

Fulfill the order
Once your customer has purchased your product, use the Manage Orders page in Seller Central to fulfill the order.
Package and prepare the product, then confirm shipping details once you’ve sent the order and you’re done.

Step 4

Maintain accurate inventory in Seller Central
Once an order is fulfilled, your inventory will automatically be updated. Be sure to check your inventory levels frequently and ensure they are accurate under Inventory > Manage Inventory.


Try the Amazon FBA fee and revenue calculator

Want to compare Fulfilment by Amazon versus Fulfilment by Seller?
Use the FBA revenue calculator to assess the fees and profitability of a chosen product.

Amazon's Drop Shipping Policy

Drop-shipping is when you enlist a third-party to fulfil orders on your behalf. Amazon has very specific policies around this practice. If it’s a method you intend to use, make sure to follow these requirements to avoid losing your selling privileges.

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Already selling on Amazon?
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$49.95 (excl. GST) per month + selling fees.
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