Amazon Seller Rewards Program

The Amazon Seller Rewards Program allows selling partners to participate in offers for the opportunity to win rewards.

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What are the benefits of the program?

Under the Program, you may receive an opportunity to earn rewards by participating in various offers. Each offer varies and is subject to different terms and conditions, which are available on the Seller Rewards page. We encourage you to regularly visit the Seller Rewards page for the latest offers for which you are eligible. We believe Seller Rewards will help you grow in the Amazon store and enjoy rewards at the same time.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

• Selling partners who are registered in the Amazon Australia store with active and healthy selling accounts are eligible to participate in Seller Rewards.
• There is no entry fee to participate in these offers. However, you may incur additional costs depending on the requirements of the relevant Offers.
The Seller Rewards Program policy applies.

How to enrol in the Seller Rewards Program?

Step 1.
Visit the Amazon Seller Rewards Program page.
Step 2.
Review the different offers on the page, and then hit "Participate Now" for the offers that are relevant to you and that you want to participate in.
Note: Be sure to read the Seller Rewards Program Policy and the relevant offer terms to understand the conditions of entry.
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What offers are live?

Amazon SEND Rewards Offer 2024

Sellers can receive a reward worth 10% of their Amazon SEND air shipping fees, by using SEND to inbound eligible inventory to Amazon AU FCs during the Offer Period. T&Cs apply
Seller Rewards Offers

Fulfilment by Amazon Brand Owner Offer

Receive up to $3000 by generating FBA OPS for qualifying products in eligible browse nodes. T&Cs apply.

To watch a step-by-step tutorial video click here.
Seller Rewards Offers

Amazon Partnered Carrier Program (PCP) Offer

Receive up to $25 per package by using PCP for eligible routes. T&Cs Apply.
Seller Rewards Offers

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