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Sandra & Carlos:
The Dog-Friendly
Co. Journey

Isabel Chen
Content Marketing Manager

We sat down with Dog Friendly Co to explore their incredible journey. What started as a mission to find the perfect dog harness has blossomed into a thriving Amazon business with global ambitions.

Dog Friendly Co Collage
At the heart of Dog Friendly Co's success is Sandra and Luka’s unwavering commitment to quality, affordability and style. Through Sandra’s local community connections, word spread like wildfire about her innovative harnesses and leashes. Soon, Sandra found herself inundated with requests.

As Dog Friendly Co continues to grow, expanding into new product categories and international opportunities, one thing is certain – Sandra shows us that anyone can turn a passion project into a success.

"It was never about launching a company, I just wanted to make something cool and comfortable for Carlos and his doggy friends!"

Sandra Abade
Co-Founder of Dog Friendly Co.

Putting Dogs First: Product Innovation

From the very beginning, Sandra and Luka were laser-focused on two key things - quality and affordability. Their products go through rigorous testing and incorporate thoughtful design elements tailored to the Australian climate, like lightweight, quick-drying materials. Sandra researched materials, designs, and production processes to create durable, comfortable harnesses that wouldn't break the bank.

"Anything I put on my own dog, I have to be 100% sure I'd be comfortable with it. Quality is always number one, but I also wanted to make sure these products were accessible to everyday pet owners.”

Sandra Abade
Co-Founder of Dog Friendly Co.

Bringing Style to the Pet World

Together they wanted to infuse a sense of style and personality into the pet product space, which Sandra felt was often lacking. From vibrant colour palettes to unique designs, Dog Friendly Co. has brought a fresh aesthetic to the dog accessory category. And customers have responded enthusiastically, praising the brand's stylish yet practical products.
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"A lot of the pet brands out there were just so bland and boring, I wanted to change that and give pet parents fun, fashionable options. Your dog's collar, harness, or leash is an extension of you and your style.”

Sandra Abade
Co-Founder of Dog Friendly Co.

Building a Global Team of Animal Lovers

Building a Global Team of animal lovers Dog Friendly Co’s team of twenty, spans the globe. The flexibility of e-commerce allows them to hire passionate individuals regardless of location, creating a dynamic, dedicated team focused on delivering exceptional products and service. Fostered a team of animal lovers who share the same passion for pets, ensuring customer service feels personal, with all enquiries answered by real people, ensuring their business always has a human touch. Sandra confirms "We hire people who truly love dogs, because that's what makes this brand special, It's not just about sales - it's about improving the lives of animals and their owners."
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Leveraging the Power of Amazon

As Dog Friendly Co grew from a passion project into a full-fledged business, Luka, her co-founder, knew they needed to find the right sales channels. And for this dog-loving entrepreneur, the answer was clear - Amazon. Partnering with Amazon has allowed Dog Friendly Co. to reach a wider audience while still maintaining the high level of quality and service the brand is known for. And they have been able to take full advantage of events like Prime Day to help drive even more growth, with order volumes increasing every month.

"Being an Amazon customer myself, I knew how seamless and convenient the process was. The fast shipping and excellent customer service really aligned with the experience I wanted to provide for Dog Friendly Co customers."

Sandra Abade
Co-Founder of Dog Friendly Co.
Launching amid COVID-19 posed significant challenges, from inventory management to fulfilling pre-orders. Sandra confirmed there was a time when her business ran out of stock and struggled to keep up with demand resulting in customers receiving orders late. To reassure their customers, Luka suggested contacting all of the impacted customers directly, and Sandra was astounded by the positive feedback. Customers were willing to wait, feeling inspired by Sandra’s story. Dog Friendly Co. has built a strong community, it is a family business Sandra, Luka and her dog Carlos!

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “When you’re choosing what to do, choose something you have a genuine interest, having that passionate adds that extra layer, that’s what makes it different, it doesn’t feel like I am working.”
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