Getting Products onto the Amazon Best Sellers List in Australia

Some tips if you’re wondering how to make it onto the Amazon’s best sellers list with your products.
1st Feb, 2023

What is Amazon Best Sellers?

Amazon Best Sellers is a ranking tool that shows the most popular products on Amazon based on recent sales. This ranking is updated on an hourly basis.

The Best Sellers page identifies the best-selling products within broad departments such as Garden, Automotive, Computers and Musical Instruments, as well as more specific categories within these.

What metrics does Amazon use for the Best Seller list?

If your product is identified as a best seller, it means that product has had great sales in its category over a certain timeframe.

What is the Amazon Best Seller badge?

The Best Seller badge is a coloured icon that’s displayed on the listing of a best-selling product. This badge indicates that the product has had the highest number of recent sales in its department or category.

The Best Seller badge appears in a number of different formats and locations.

The Best Seller badge can display automatically on shopping results pages and on product detail pages. When shoppers see the Best Seller badge in relation to a product, they can see that the product is in demand.

Where can I find Best Sellers on Amazon Australia?

Amazon Best Sellers can be found from the top navigation on Amazon Australia, as well as positioned throughout shopping results pages and product detail pages. You can explore Best Sellers at any given time to see trending products and analyse how other sellers are optimising their product listings.

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Benefits of getting products on the Amazon Best Sellers list

Best selling products can show up more prominently in shopping results pages. The Best Seller badge provides social proof of a product’s popularity and can help buyers feel more confident about buying a product, which in turn may increase the likelihood of them purchasing that product over other options. Consider it a bit like walking into a store and noticing there’s a crowd of shoppers gathering around a certain product. Wouldn’t you be curious to find out why?

It’s often for this reason that sellers want to know how to get products on the Best Seller list. What’s more important is prioritising your customer experience, product visibility and store profitability, as these can help to build a strong foundation for successful selling. If doing so helps your products make Amazon’s Best Seller list, all the better!

8 tips for getting products onto the Amazon Best Sellers list

If your goal is to get your products on the Best Sellers list, you can make a strong start by ensuring shoppers can find your products easily and providing a great customer experience.

Here are some tips on optimising product visibility and selling more products.

1. Choosing the right category

Broad departments such as Electronics or Beauty can be competitive. For this reason, it can be beneficial to seek out underserved sections or niches within departments if you want to maximise visibility for your products. For example: it may be easier to gain traction for men's sports long sleeve tops, than for men's t-shirts in general. You could spend some time exploring different categories, and look for niche areas where there may currently be an unmet demand for products.

Maintaining accuracy
It’s important not to suggest misleading categories in an attempt to reach the Best Sellers list. If you’re ever suggesting changes to product detail pages, be sure to align your products with their most relevant and accurate categories.

2. Selecting profitable products

If you’ve identified a niche or category that you think shows promise, a strong next step is finding products to sell. A profitable product can provide you with a sustainable profit margin once you’ve accounted for selling costs such as your selling plan and referral fees. Consider how the product could be set apart from similar products, either through unique features, quality or price.

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3. Optimising product listings

An optimised product listing can help shoppers to find, choose and purchase your product. Consider making your product listings noticeable and compelling through:
● The use of relevant keywords that clearly explain the product
● High-resolution images of the product from multiple angles and in use
● Well-worded descriptions that pre-empt possible customer questions.

4. Using competitive price points

An appealing price point can encourage buyers to consider and purchase a product. To know where your product stands in its category, regularly assess the prices of other products and see how your product compares. If you offer a product that’s higher in quality or has unique features, you may be able to price your product at a premium. Understanding where your product sits in relation to others can be key.

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5. Generating 5-star reviews

Positive customer reviews can be an important distinguishing factor, as these help to build trust and credibility for shoppers. An ideal way to earn positive reviews is to deliver a quality product reliably, and either reach or exceed customer expectations. As such, it can be worth investing time in optimising your products, fulfilment methods and communication with buyers so you can deliver the best possible customer experience.

6. Driving sales with promotions

Promotions can help shoppers to find your products and motivate them to make a purchase. And with more sales, comes more opportunities to gain positive customer reviews for your products. You could choose to offer free shipping, percentage discounts, a buy-one-get-one promo or run a flash sale across your entire online store.

7. Improving visibility with advertising

Effective advertising could help to increase visibility and drive conversions for your products. You might choose to advertise certain products for relevant keywords, or promote your brand and product portfolio to shoppers who have shown interest in similar products.

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8. Connecting on social media

Building a social media presence could also help you reach shoppers and increase visibility within product categories. You could create useful content for customers such as product videos or how-to posts, and share customer reviews. Connecting on social media can also help to build brand recognition and loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases from your buyers.

Keeping the right focus

Topping the Best Sellers list can be a strong sign you’re finding success in your sales, but it won’t be the only goal to work towards as a seller. Rather than concentrating solely on how to make Amazon’s best seller list, it’s a great idea to concentrate your efforts on customer satisfaction, getting your products out there and general selling success.
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