How to Run an Online Ad Campaign for Electronics in Australia

Learn how to advertise consumer electronics online.
25th Oct, 2023

Why Advertise consumer electronics?

Whether you’re selling headphones, wearable tech, cameras or the latest smartphones, it’s worth knowing how to run ads for consumer electronics.

Effective advertising can set your products and prices apart, and drive traffic directly to your storefront from shoppers who are ready to buy. So how do you get started with a successful ad campaign?

Step 1: Set your goals

Setting a clear goal is a strong first step for any electronics store online ad campaign. Consider:

● Do you want to drive traffic and sales for a specific product?
● Do you want to promote a selection of products that go well together? Or,
● Do you want to build awareness for your brand or store in general?

Clarifying your primary goal will help you choose the right advertising environment and strategy, and help you make effective changes throughout the ad campaign. At the same time, start thinking about which products you plan to feature. New, innovative and unique products all appeal to shoppers.

Step 2: Understand your audience

Understanding shoppers is essential when selling electronics, and in some ways even more so when you’re reaching new audiences with advertising.

Customer reviews can also provide handy insights into who’s buying similar products, and why. And if your brand is already registered on Amazon, you can use your Brand Analytics to understand popular search terms and demographics about your customers.

Step 3: Choose the right environments for advertising

It can make a lot of sense to promote consumer electronics where shoppers are actively searching for goods every day. You can advertise your products easily on, with a number of cost-effective ways to promote your products and brand.

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How can you be helpful?

Choosing electronic products can often be overwhelming for shoppers, because there’s so much choice. Consider how else you could make the buying journey easier for your customers, be it through buying guides, or product demos.

Step 4: Create effective ads

Once you’ve chosen where you’ll advertise, the next step is to create your ads in a way that’s tailored for your advertising goal and audience. You can use any combination of the following ad formats on Amazon.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are a great way to share your products with shoppers who are looking for related items. These cost-per-click (CPC) ads showcase a single product and show up in related shopping results and product pages. You can use automatic targeting, or manually target certain keywords or products.

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Top Tip: Power up with related products
Consumer electronics often have associated chargers, cases and accessories, so consider these related products when building your ad campaigns.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands can be a fantastic option if you want to help shoppers discover your brand and store. These cost-per-click ads appear in relevant Amazon shopping results and can feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products. Once more, you can target certain keywords or products to refine your audience.

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Sponsored Display

If you’d like to reach shoppers across their broader shopping and entertainment journeys, then you could run a Sponsored Display campaign. With this type of advertising you can choose to target either related products or audiences, both on and off Amazon. Sponsored Display ads can also re-engage shoppers who have previously interacted with your products.

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If you have your brand registered with Amazon, then you can build your own custom storefront at no additional cost. This is an opportunity to showcase your electronic products with A+ Content, including rich text and images that can help to inspire sales. Ads and stores require moderation, so factor some time in for this as you hit publish on your campaigns.

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Step 5: Track your results

Analysing the results of your ad campaigns can help you advertise effectively, find new customers, and grow your business over time.

You'll be able to view the analytics for your Amazon ad campaigns within Seller Central at any time. Depending on the advertising types you choose, you may be able to see:

● Clicks, sales and orders that can be attributed to the campaign
● Advertising cost of sales (ACOS), which represents your ad spend as a percentage of ad revenue, and
● New-to-brand metrics, which measure aggregated purchases from first-time customers of your brand on Amazon that resulted from your campaign.

Ultimately, you’ll be looking for a strong return on ad spend (known as ROAS) as this can reflect an effective ad campaign. From here you can identify opportunities and adjust campaigns based on the insights you’ve gained.

Making the connection on wider ad campaigns

If you are creating cross-channel advertising campaigns, you can use Amazon Attribution to gain a better understanding of how your non-Amazon touch points are helping customers to discover and consider your products on Amazon

The value of reaching avid customers

There are buyers who have bought recently, some who buy frequently, and some with a high dollar spend. Analysis has shown that those who do all three, known as avid customers, spend disproportionally more than non-avid customers when it comes to electronics. So how can you attract avid customers to your brand and products?
Here are some tips:

● Ensure your store is attractive, optimised and informative so shoppers can easily check out your full catalogue.

● Pay attention to your keywords and product titles to help avid customers find accessories and related products.

● Consider promotions for subsequent purchases.

● If there are influential content creators who your audience relates to, consider a collaboration through Amazon Associates to recommend products.

● Consider remarketing to audiences who have already purchased a product with you, using tools like Sponsored Display ads.

Best practices for advertising electronics

While every electronics ad campaign will be unique, here are some general tips to keep in mind.

Highlight any unique product features

So you have your clothing designs ready to go. How do you bring those designs to reality? There are a few key factors to consider as you start production and create your own clothing line online.

Keep things clear for buyers

Give your listings some love by checking they have clear product descriptions, full technical specifications and high quality photos.

Anticipate sales events

Plan ahead for Amazon sales events like Prime Day to take advantage of higher traffic and demand for the latest consumer electronics.

Be future focused

Always consider: which new products are about to be in demand? What are the wider trends in electronic products, and how can you prepare for these?

Fulfil orders quickly

Fast and convenient shipping adds appeal for shoppers. You can use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to qualify for the Prime badge.

Learn from the pros

If you’re new to offering products on Amazon, explore our Beginner’s Guide to selling and advance your knowledge through Seller University.

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