Trending Products to Sell Online

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29th Mar, 2023

Trending Products to Sell Online

As an online seller, it makes a lot of sense to research ecommerce product trends. These trends can help you identify popular products and high levels in customer demand, making it easier to find products that might sell well. But how do you know which products are trending at any given time?

Let’s take a look at some of the methods you can use to spot notable product trends.

1. Search analysis

Naturally, many buyers will be searching online for the products that are on their mind. You can conduct search analysis, both on Amazon Australia and elsewhere, to see what people are looking for. Trend reports and search tools may help to reveal current and predicted shifts in demand.

Observing global ecommerce trends
Keeping an eye on international trends could help to identify up-and-coming demand, whether you’re selling exclusively in Australia or also selling globally. Explore global trends in online shopping by reading widely about trend analysis and predictions, and consider how these might shape your product choices.

Looking locally
Will a product that’s popular internationally have success here in Australia? Once you have an idea of which products are trending globally, you might like to use a search tool to drill down and view search volume in Australia, including by individual state or territory. In this way, you may be able to spot product trends starting to take off.

2. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon’s Best Sellers can be a great place to gather intel on successful products. This page includes the most popular products based on sales, updated on an hourly basis. You can select categories and sub-categories to explore best sellers in greater detail.

3. Amazon Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers can help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s taking off right now on Amazon Australia. This page shows the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours, updated on an hourly basis.

Best Sellers & Movers and Shakers: what’s the difference?
Best Sellers reflect high sales volume, while Movers and Shakers reflects what’s growing in popularity right now. Together, these can provide general indications of trends and patterns. How you use this data may depend on the speed of your product supply chain, business agility and seller tools.

4. Social media and online forums

Social media can both shape and reflect popular buying patterns, so scanning the most popular social media channels can be worthwhile for an online seller. Trending hashtags can be used to collect information on products as well as popular colours and qualities. If you have a certain type of customer in mind, consider where they spend their time on social media and study their buying habits.

5. Online influencers

Plenty of customers now discover new products from their favourite online influencers. Consider the products that are used and recommended by leading influencers and content creators. They could just provide some clues for your own product range.

Your research might also take place closer to home. Which products are your friends and family discussing? Which problems are you looking to solve in your own life?

How to identify a solid trend

Trends can come and go, and the last thing any seller needs is a large stock of products that went out of fashion before they could be sold. Here are two tips to help minimise the risk of this happening.2

6. Is it a fad or a trend?

A fad can be fleeting, fickle and tricky to capitalise on – but longer trends can provide great opportunities for selling. Look to search analysis and sales patterns to decide if a trend is likely to be a brief one-off event, seasonal or a long-term curve.

7. Finding your own niche

A trending product indicates customer demand – but how will you stand apart from the competition? This could be by finding a niche within the category, or by offering unique price, branding or features.

Popular products

Below you’ll find some of the consistently popular products and categories on Amazon Australia and beyond.

8. Home décor

We all love to make our homes beautiful, and entertaining friends and family is a much-loved Australian pastime. Consider the products that enable welcoming homes and inviting entertaining zones, including tableware, glassware, crockery, bed linen, robot vacuums, air purifiers, bathroom accessories and floor and table lamps.

9. Home and office organisers

Many people have spent more time at home in recent years, and this shows in the popularity of organisational and storage products. These can include pantry and drawer organisers, storage boxes, wall mounted storage and caddies.

Home offices have also seen more use, and product possibilities here could include desk organisers, bookends, smart living gadgets, mouse pads and desk mats.

10. Toys

There’s always something new to offer in the world of toys. You may be able to make the most of higher traffic when notable new products are released, as well as over the busy Christmas season.

There’s a vast range of toy products to choose from if you’re planning to sell in this category, from the classic wooden style to big-brand licensed products. STEM toys, sensory toys, robotics and vintage-style toys are just a few options.

11. Travel and outdoor accessories

It seems everyone is getting out and exploring the wider world these days, so it stands to reason shoppers might be looking for travel and outdoor accessories. The broad possibilities include beach games, beach towels and picnic sets, through to fishing gear, camping accessories, water bottles and travel bags.x

12. Baby products

Online shopping is an easy and convenient way for new parents to find the products they need, so baby products might be a good option for those looking to start and grow an Amazon business. Baby-related products can run the whole range from nursery décor and play mats, to safety latches and baby monitors, through to consumables like baby food and baby wipes.

13. Pet care products

Practically all pets need care products, whether they happen to be furry, feathered or scaly. Your own product research might highlight popular products like chew toys, pet training products, pet beds, dog harnesses, flea treatments, aquarium products or pet food.

14. Health and wellness products

There’s been a widespread embracing of health and wellness products in recent times. Some popular products might include vitamins and supplements, massage guns, health-monitoring smart watches and essential oils. Be sure to comply with any regulatory and safety requirements when offering these products.

15. Car accessories

Clever car products can make a long drive far more enjoyable, and with over 20 million vehicles* in Australia there are a lot of car owners to appeal to. Products could include charging adaptors, car phone holders, dashcams and brackets, and in-car organisation. Consider products that are easy to install and suit popular car makes and models in Australia.

16. Sports gear

Shoppers are often looking for quality sports gear that will make their workouts more effective or enjoyable. There are lots of niche areas to consider within this broader category, including yoga pants, cycling clothing, golf clothes and fishing shirts. Or perhaps you plan to focus on gym equipment like weights, resistance bands and duffel bags.

Whichever popular products you choose to offer, and however you decide to differentiate them, remember – there are so many resources available to help you sell.
* Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021:
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