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29th Mar, 2023

Why sell toys online?

Toys can be a great product choice when it comes to selling online. There’s plenty of demand for popular products, especially around holidays and certain times of the year. Toys and games tend to be easy to store and ship, and there’s always something new and exciting to offer as well as the classics. In a broader sense, selling toys also gives you the chance to share happiness, inspire imaginations and use your own creativity as you build your business.

Whether you’re planning to sell action figures, soft toys or intricate jigsaw puzzles, you might be researching the best way to sell toys online. Get started with our tips below.

How to launch an online toy store in 10 steps

Selling toys with an online business will of course be different for every seller, but there are some general tips that can help give you a bright start. Consider these 10 steps for how to sell toys online.

1. Finding your potential customers

Begin with some in-depth research and identify who you plan to reach as potential customers. It can help to explore the best sellers in toys, as well as wider trends in kids’ movies, books and popular culture to see what’s trending now and in the near future.

Perhaps you can see that some customers are always looking for classic toys like building blocks and teddy bears, or that you could help people discover the latest and greatest electronic toys. Maybe there are families looking for specific board games or collectibles, or perhaps there are parents looking for STEM toys that will encourage both learning and fun. In any case, researching and identifying your ideal customer can help you spend your business resources wisely and market your products effectively.

2. Formulating a business plan for your toy store

Once you have a clearer idea of who your customers might be and the products that meet their needs, it can help to set out a structured business plan for your online toy-selling business. This may outline aspects such as your business budget, your marketing and fulfilment strategies, the regions you plan to sell in and your initial plans for growth. Our Beginner’s Guide gives a clear rundown of the different elements to think about when starting to sell online.

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3. Gaining approval to sell toys on Amazon

There are certain toy products that may require approval from Amazon before being sold online because of safety or other considerations. For example, there are some restrictions to take note of for certain electronic products. Remember to consider any restrictions and gain appropriate approvals while selecting and sourcing your inventory.

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4. Sourcing your inventory

Sourcing and maintaining product inventory is going to be an essential part of any online toy business. Will you be designing and manufacturing your own products, or selling popular toy brands online as an authorised reseller? Whether you’re working directly with suppliers, manufacturers or brands, it’s helpful to establish positive working relationships over time to strengthen your supply chain.

Diversifying from day one
When first starting out, some sellers find it beneficial to source a wider range of products in smaller quantities so they can gain a sense of what sells best.

‘Tis the season to be in stock
Be sure to consider stock levels when it comes to popular holidays and gift-giving seasons, as some toy products may be in higher demand at these times. If you’re selling with a Professional plan or using Fulfilment by Amazon, your inventory performance index on Amazon can give you handy insights into your inventory management over time.

5. Ensuring your products meet regulations

Business and product regulations can vary from region to region. As well as meeting business requirements, it’s important to ensure all toy products will meet regulations in the locations you’ll be selling, including applicable product safety standards.

6. Planning for fulfilment

You can choose from various fulfilment and shipping methods to suit your products, selling style and business plan.

With Fulfilment by Seller you’ll be responsible for storing, picking, packing and shipping your orders, as well as providing customer service to your buyers. You might choose to use a shipping courier, or use Amazon Easy Ship for a simple delivery service from your location to your customer’s front door.
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You can also choose to use Fulfilment by Amazon, where you send your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre and the Amazon team will store, pick, pack, ship and manage customer service for your orders on your behalf.
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Remember, you can mix and match fulfilment options for different products in your inventory.

7. Building your online presence

When you’re ready to start selling toys online, you’ll need to decide where you’ll offer your toys or games. While you might choose to sell through just one channel, or through many, it’s always worth considering how to effectively reach your customers.

Selling with Amazon offers several advantages, including:
• A well-established customer base of active buyers
• A simple way to create compelling product listings
• Built-in secure payment channels for your customers
• Access to advertising and marketing tools
• Access to Amazon’s time-saving fulfilment options

Sellers who are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry can also easily create a custom online storefront, which provides additional options to share their brand and create detailed product pages.

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8. Pricing your products

Whether you’re selling musical toys, dolls or video games, pricing can make all the difference in an online environment. An ideal pricing strategy will ensure your products are available at a competitive price while giving you a sustainable profit margin. It can be a smart idea to review and refine pricing as time goes on in relation to similar or identical products.

As you calculate product pricing, don’t forget to factor in any listing fees, referral fees and fulfilment fees that might help you make the sale.

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9. Marketing your online toy store

Marketing and advertising can help expand the number of customers who see and engage with your product listings. You can choose to promote sponsored products, brands, displays and stores on Amazon.

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Of course, your customer reviews are a vital and valuable part of marketing. Providing amazing customer service to your buyers can help you build up a large number of positive reviews that will give buyers confidence. Social media can also provide great avenues to build excitement around toys, puzzles, games and other entertainment products.

10. Expanding your online toy store

If you’re on your way to making sales and building your brand success, you may be looking for ways to grow and expand your online toy-selling business.
• You might plan to sell globally by offering your products in other countries.
• You could scale up production or inventory to support your growth.
• You might also branch out to test new product lines or categories.

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