Selling on Amazon:
a live webinar series for NZ businesses

On 30th March 2021, and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise teamed up to bring you a series of live online workshops designed to help you understand the fundamentals to selling on Amazon Australia and beyond.

Webinar recordings

Why sell on Amazon? From Australia to the US
An introduction to how selling online can help you reach more customers, the components of online sales, and a tour of available resources available to help you get started on your selling journey. This session also covers how you can set up selling accounts in the US, the costs involved and key considerations to think about before you start selling overseas.
Selling Partner insights
In this session, we sit down with a NZ Selling Partner, Meat Mates, to discuss their experience of selling on and
Listing Fundamentals
This session aims to help you create your Amazon listings. We provide you with easy to follow tips to prepare your listings and help you understand the different options to create high quality detail pages that will delight and inspire customers
Deliver Smiles
A tour of resources available to help you provide an amazing customer delivery experience and maximise your storefronts conversion. We walk through shipping settings, pricing features and best practises for seller fulfilment. Learn how leveraging Amazon’s fulfilment network can help reduce costs and streamline your order processing while making your products Prime eligible.
Build your Brand
Here we share the tools to elevate your business through optimising your listings and pricing for success. We discuss and give a program overview of the different tools available to help you scale your business on Amazon and maintain a high bar for customer experience.

Beginner's Guides

Beginner's Guide to Selling on Amazon

Beginner's Guide to Selling Globally

Webinar FAQs

Product/Category requirements:
Q: Where can i find details on category/product requirements/restrictions?
A: All details are available within the Seller Central help pages. You can find an overview of product restrictions here.
Brand Registry:
Q: How does Brand Registry work if I have it in the USA (US trademark) and have an Australian Amazon account as well?
A: You can register for Brand Registry in the US with your US trademark. To register in AU, you will need an active trademark with IP Australia. Learn more here.
Amazon Advertising:
Q: Would Sponsored Brand ads replace Sponsored Products? Or would you run both?
A: You can use both Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Products as a part of your advertising strategy. Learn more here.
Global Selling with FBA
Q: If we sell through FBA, meaning our products are stored in the USA, do we have to have a registered company in USA? Same for UK?
A: No, you do not need a registered company to sell with Amazon in the US and UK. Learn more about Global Selling here.
Q: Does Amazon have licenses to handle alcohol in different countries?
A: At this stage you can sell alcohol on Amazon in AU and the EU.
FBA minimum inventory:
Q: What is the minimum amount of products required to sell through FBA?
A: There are no minimum inventory requirements for FBA. Learn more here.
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