Amazon Australia Getting
Started Package

This form is to be completed by Sellers referred to sell on through the Amazon Australia Getting Started Package.

To receive the benefits conveyed through this program, referred Sellers must meet all eligibility criteria contained within the Terms and Conditions. Sellers that successfully meet all eligibility criteria will receive a first contact from Amazon Australia within 2 weeks. Sellers who do not meet the eligibility criteria will be notified and directed to

The Amazon Australia Getting Started Package Includes:

Reimbursement of 3 Months Professional Selling Plan Subscription Fees

Dedicated Amazon Australia Account Manager Support during Onboarding

Access to Seller and Education Material, including an exclusive “How to Grow your Amazon Business” Webinar

$50 Promotional Clicks to help increase visibility on Amazon

Eligibility to participate in the FBA New Selection Program

Eligible Sellers will qualify for a reimbursement for three months of the Australian Professional selling plan Subscription Fees.
Eligible Sellers will receive onboarding, sales strategy and account optimization support from a dedicated Account Manager within 14 [business] days of applying for the Getting Started Package.

Eligible Sellers will receive tailored Tips & Tricks designed to support their journey on Sellers will also be invited to attend an exclusive webinar hosted by Amazon Australia.
Eligible Sellers will receive $50 in Sponsored Advertising promotional click
credits for use on Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. See here for more details.
Eligible Sellers will qualify to receive free monthly storeage and free removals for all eligible, new-to-FBA parent ASINs, for a limited time. See here for more details.
To register your interest in the Amazon Australia Getting Started Package, please send us your company and contact information by clicking the "send details" link below and filling in the required fields within the email template that will pop up.

Please do not register for an Amazon Australia selling plan until you are instructed to do so, as this may impact your program eligibility. See Terms and Conditions for full eligibility conditions and criteria.

We will evaluate your eligibility and be in touch within 14 days.
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