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Learn how to start selling cosmetics online.
29th Mar, 2023

Choose which cosmetics to sell

The online world offers exciting opportunities if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your own beauty or cosmetics line. So what types of makeup and beauty products will you sell? From lipsticks to lotions, BB creams to men’s grooming kits, here’s how to develop your product range.

1. Conducting customer research

Research is one of the most important steps you can take when selling online, because it can help you understand customers and meet their unmet needs. If you have a product idea in mind, ask yourself:

• How many customers are already looking for this type of product?
• Are customers struggling to find particular brands or products?
• How would your business idea differ from other products?
• Are other online cosmetics businesses selling similar products?

It’s also worth brushing up on the products you can sell in a particular category.

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2. Finding a niche

As a budding beauty brand founder, consider how you’ll set your products apart in a popular category. Finding and focusing on a particular niche can help you do this. For example, some sellers might choose to specialise in:

• Products designed for teenagers, or for mature skin types
• Ethical products with sustainable sources
• Makeup for film, TV, theatre or cosplaying
• Sunscreens and moisturisers

3. Capitalising on trends

By watching the best seller lists for beauty brands, you could identify new and promising opportunities within this space. What’s trending on the beauty blogs? While some trends may come and go requiring you to pivot with your product choices, others can reflect broader social changes and demand.

Source manufacturers or suppliers

Unless you’re planning to manufacture your products yourself, you’ll be working with manufacturers or suppliers to maintain your store inventory. You might sell existing branded products, or you might be selling generically manufactured products under your own private label.

When choosing suppliers and manufacturers, consider their:

• Approach to ingredient and product quality
• Capabilities to supply your online store over time
• Proximity and what your working relationship might be like

4. Designing and sourcing packaging

Take some time to consider the design and packaging for each beauty or makeup product you’ll be selling. Ensure labels and ingredients are clearly visible and compliant, and think about how any fragile products could be best protected by packaging. Consider the unboxing experience too, because this can be something that’s commonly shared on beauty blogs.

5. Considering inventory and storage

Many makeup and beauty products have a set shelf life and storage conditions, so it’s essential to consider these when planning your inventory management. Some makeup sellers choose to buy more frequently rather than in bulk so they can minimise inventory waste. Cosmetics can be sensitive to temperature, humidity, moisture and sunlight, so think about storage and product rotation to ensure orders can be sent out in ideal conditions.

Build your brand

A strong brand can be particularly important in the makeup and beauty categories, as people look to sellers and products they trust. There are several ways you can build brand recognition when selling makeup online.

6. Designing a name and logo

A distinctive brand name and logo can help customers to find, recognise and buy from you. Your brand should reflect the lifestyle or emotions you want to evoke for your customers. Use consistent colours and branding across your products, packaging, websites and marketing.

Tip: Enrolling in Brand Registry can help you to build and protect your brand as you sell on Amazon.

7. Promoting your brand

As your beauty products become available to buy online, you can promote your brand and products to get these in front of keen buyers. Some marketing strategies may involve organic or unpaid methods, such as Search Engine Optimisation. You could also run paid ad campaigns for your brand and products to help increase exposure.

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8. Building a social media presence

If you’re selling products in the beauty space, you might also find value in building a social media presence. You can do this in a variety of ways, including:

• Sharing videos, images and insights into your products
• Interacting with makeup artists or influencers who use your products
• Consistently using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and products
• Showing imagery that reflects the values and lifestyles of your customers

9. Reaching out to influencers

Social proof can be a major factor in the beauty and makeup industry. Because so many beauty customers trust the opinions of their favourite influencers, many beauty brands look to influencer marketing to reach new customers. As a seller, you might wish to send product samples to these online creators for testing and reviews.

Of course, customer reviews are another powerful contributor to social proof. Delivering quality products and delivering excellent customer service can help you earn positive reviews and build confidence for new customers.

Launch your online store

What’s the best way to sell makeup online? As you decide where to sell beauty products, consider where your customers search for products and the information they look for before they buy. Some sellers choose a multi-channel experience to expand their brand reach and recognition.

10. Building your own website

It’s relatively easy and cost-effective to set up a modern website featuring your brand story and beauty products. Your website could be an ideal place to share beauty tips, blog posts and lookbooks for upcoming seasons.

Tip: Makeup colours can display differently on digital screens. Aim to show makeup products using multiple images and models, to help your customers gain a true idea of the product’s colour shade and characteristics.

11. Selling with an online store

Selling via an online store can be a great opportunity to reach a large range of customers, even if you’re just starting out. Spend time on perfecting your product photos and product descriptions, so that customers will have all the compelling details they’ll need to make their purchase decision.

If you’re a seller using Brand Registry, Amazon gives you the tools to easily create your own online store where you can showcase your products and brand story.

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Ship your makeup and beauty products

Whether you’re selling lip balms or brow kits, you’ll want your orders to arrive in pristine condition for your customers to enjoy.

12. Packing your cosmetics safely

Cosmetics can take a little extra care and attention to ship. Some products may have fragile components, such as pressed powders, mirrors or glass bottles. Be sure to consider extra protection and padding for these items during shipping.

13. Determining shipping and fulfilment costs

The cost to fulfil and ship orders can depend on a few different factors, including the product’s size and weight and the address of origin. You can calculate estimated fulfilment and shipping costs for each product, and how these will shape revenue for your online store.

If you choose to use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you can ship your chosen inventory to our fulfilment centre and we’ll store, pick, pack and ship these products for you. We’ll even take care of customer service and returns.

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14. Giving customers shipping options

Customers love knowing when they can expect their order to arrive. It’s a great idea to provide multiple shipping options so customers can choose their preferred method.

Good to know: Amazon Prime members get free expedited shipping on Prime-eligible orders, and all customers enjoy free Australian shipping on eligible orders over $59.

Deliver customer service

From all the guidance on how to sell makeup online, here’s the golden rule: focus on your customers. Providing timely responses, keeping customers updated and handling returns fairly can all help you earn top marks for your customer service.

Final tips as you sell makeup online

As you build your online business, keep an eye on feedback and emerging trends so you can refine your product range over time. Read up on how you can grow your business, and always stay open to new knowledge when it comes to ecommerce. There are so many possibilities for online beauty sellers who have an adaptable mindset and a passion for delighting customers.
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